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My order is on Autopilot - how do I make an adjustment?

How do I adjust a coffee order?

Knut, one of our loyal Sparkplug Coffee customers, emailed:

I don't see a place on the website where I can go in and adjust my shipping date. Can you move up the next shipment by a week?

No problem! Anytime you need a coffee subscription order changed - the date shifted forward or back, an extra order, skip an order, we can do it. Just call or email Kara and she'll take care of it.

Is there a DIY option?

You can update your contact info or payment method, so long as you've created an account in the Sparkplug Coffee store. Just use this link to login to your account and make the changes:

Other DIY options are to cancel a coffee subscription or transfer it to someone else. These options are available from the personalized link contained in your emailed coffee order receipt.

For any other changes, just give us a call or send an email and we'll get it done. Easy peasy!