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Our Coffees

Something for every coffee lover. Will your coffee be...

Brew with the best!

The Classics: top sellers designed for classic coffee tastes

a classic cup of coffee

Medium roast. Balanced taste with hints of toasted nuts, caramel, cocoa, and berries. Kick Start gets its smoothness & richness from Central & South American beans while Ethiopian beans provide a bit of a kick. Delish! 

Especially good in: automatic coffeemakers, manual / pour over, filter coffee, Aeropress. 

Dark Roast Blend
super as espresso 

Dark, smoky-sweet, complex. Smooth and suave. This dark & delicious blend mixes in organic beans from all major coffee growing regions - Africa, South America, SE Asia, and Central America. 

Recommended for: espresso drinks, moka pot (stovetop espresso), French press. 

Super Custom: Extra special coffees for premium tastes

Our strongest brew. A tasty blend that'll get your motor revving.

Our strongest brew. A tasty blend that'll get your motor revving.

Bullit Custom Dark
Our Strongest Blend

Bullit Custom Dark is a coffee to match our sense of humour - dark but not bitter. Hand blended and made with super fresh, super strong, super premium Arabica beans.  

Recommended for: YOU if you love a dark, rich, bold and strong coffee. Works well in any type of coffeemaker, including espresso. 

Time to take a Road Trip! A lighter tasting and modern-style coffee, this one is for connoisseurs.

Time to take a Road Trip! A lighter tasting and modern-style coffee, this one is for connoisseurs.

Naturally sweet & delicious

Organic Ethiopian beans are the secret to this sweet and balanced coffee. Road Trip is our most delicate coffee with hints of blueberry, jasmine and raisin.

Best for: black coffee, Aeropress, pour over, Chemex, cold brew, drip / filter coffee. 

Deuce Coupe
All-American Blend

Like the 1932 Ford hot rod, our Deuce Coupe is an all-American classic. South American, that is. Roasted medium-dark to be smooth & rich. (And, yes, this is the new name for the Fuss Studio Blend.)

Recommended for: filter brewed coffee. A great choice for offices and sharing, it's a real crowd-pleaser. 

Seasonal & Samplers: For the Adventurous & Undecided

Seasonal Coffee
try something new

What's in season? Every few weeks, we create a new feature coffee - never flavoured or decaf, always delightful. Just click on the coffee bag above or the Select button below to find out this season's feature. It could be a single-origin or a blend of special beans from around the world. Whatever it is, it's just here for a few short weeks so don't miss out! 

Coffee SamplerS:
200 g bags of
4 Different Blends

All of our coffees sound good? Not sure which to try? Try them all! Or at least, 3 of our signature coffees plus the current seasonal coffee.

Two samplers to choose from: The Classic Sampler or the Super Custom Sampler. Each has 200 gram bags of 4 distinct coffees so you can find your favourite.

Perk-Me-Ups - A Coffee Treat

Add a delicious treat to your coffee order.

Perk-Me-Ups are what we call these premium Arabica coffee beans drenched in dark milk chocolate.

Sold in 5 snack packs of 55g each (275g in all) - with free standard shipping, of course!

Easy Riders: Low & No Caffeine

all the flavour
& half the caffeine

Half the caffeine so you can drink twice as much! The Low Voltage mixes our Unleaded Decaf coffee with the Fuss Studio Blend. Smooth, rich, roasted on the darker side of medium, the Low Voltage is a coffee you can enjoy all day long. 

Drink it all day...
and all of the night

We love coffee but there are times when we don't love caffeine. So we created Unleaded Decaf - beans from around the globe, roasted a little darker than usual for decaf, blended to create a delicious, full-flavoured coffee. Great brewed, amazing as espresso.  Makes a great coffee at any time of day. 

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Custom Labels & Partnership Coffees

We are so proud of our collaborations with these organizations. Custom labels and blends for cool projects, fun clubs and awesome workplaces. Click on the links to learn more and buy:

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Easy steps to get fresh roasted Sparkplug Coffee delivered to your door:

  1. Pick your coffee.  We created our coffee blends to fit a range of brewing methods and tastes. Espresso to AeroPress, dark roast to light.

  2. Pick the delivery frequency. One time order or pay-as-you-go Autopilot subscription every 2, 3, 4 or 6 weeks.

  3. Whole bean or ground? Whatever your preference, we can do it!

  4. Choose the size. Standard (300 g) and Large (900g) size bags.
    Coffee prices include taxes & delivery - delicious, fresh roasted coffee delivered to you for as little as 45¢ a cup! 

Coffee is roasted, custom blended and shipped at the start of every week.

Your coffee arrives a few days after ordering, while at its peak taste and freshness!

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