Fundraising | Earn Money For Your Cause

Rev up your fundraising with amazing coffee!

Fundraising With Coffee

Sell coffee, make money for your cause.

What could be easier?

Are you trying to come up with an easy and fun way to earn some money for your team, school, club or event? Canadians LOVE coffee - especially Sparkplug  coffees! Roasted fresh, whole bean or ground, with a blend (and caffeine level) to suit all tastes.

Earning money for your cause is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Sparkplug Coffee!

Earning money for your cause is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Sparkplug Coffee!

How our coffee fundraising program works:  

Earning money with Sparkplug Coffee is designed to be easy, profitable and no risk for you.

Getting started with a coffee fundraiser:

1. Sign UP with Us & Pick Your Kick Off date

Just let us know when you want to get started. We'll create a custom website page for your group to keep track of your sales and give you all the tools you need.

2. Collect Coffee Orders

No minimum order, collect payment as you go (people can pay online with PayPal or credit cards). It's super easy for your team and your coffee customers!

3. We Deliver Coffee & Your Reward$

About one week after the end of your sales period, we send the full coffee order to you to distribute to your customers. Each bag will have a custom label about your organization so they think of your fundraiser every time they make a cup of coffee.

Quick & Easy: just 4 weeks from start to finish!

  • Contact us and we'll set you up with a customized fundraising program.

How much Money can you make?

It really depends on how much you sell. You'll earn $5 per bag for our Standard sized bags and $10 on the Large sized bags. An easy to achieve sales target is 10 bags per seller. This would earn $50 to $100 for your group from each member of your team. Ten people can earn $500 to $1000 with minimal effort. And while selling delicious, fresh roasted, premium coffee - something most Canadians love and enjoy every day.

great coffee + YOUR GROUP = $$$$

Selling coffee is a great opportunity if you're raising money for a sports team, school, church, community group or any type of club. Everyone loves coffee making it an easy sell for any sports team - hockey, lacrosse, basketball, football, baseball, cricket, pickleball, dance, gymnastics - or for any sort of club. It can be sold by people of all ages, even by primary or high school kids that don't drink coffee. 

And the money raised can be used for whatever your group needs! A travel fund, team jerseys, equipment, a field trip, uniforms, an outing, competition fees, a pizza party, whatever you want. Contact us to learn more & get your fundraiser started with Sparkplug Coffee. 

What do our customers say?

The coffee sold very well.... People love the Georgian Java blend! This was an amazing experience learning the inner workings of the coffee business.

On behalf of myself and the entire Royal St. George’s College entrepreneurship club, we wanted to thank you again and are looking forward to hopefully working with you again.
— Michael G.
Earn pots of money by selling coffee.

Earn pots of money by selling coffee.

Keep the funds rolling in with an Ongoing Campaign

Once your campaign is over, you can continue to earn money with an Ongoing Campaign.

  • We create a special code that you can share with your team and supporters.

  • They use your group's special code to buy coffee from Sparkplug Coffee.

  • We mail them their coffee and send you a commission (paid out every few weeks).

That's it!

There is no work on your part - just let your supporters know the special code, we mail coffee directly to them, and send your group a commission for every order placed using that code.