Coffee for Your Business

Great Coffee Makes for Happier Work Teams

Let Sparkplug Coffee perk up your Business

Get some Delivered to your workplace! 

Does your team cheer when coffee is delivered? That's what you'll hear if you're serving them Sparkplug Coffee! We deliver to offices, salons, shops and homes across Canada and can satisfy your team's coffee cravings, too.

Why Get Sparkplug Coffee for your business?  

  • DELICIOUS coffee - keep your staff and customers happy
  • SAVE money! Starting at only 40¢ a cup for super premium, fresh roasted coffee delivers incredible value
  • Super EASY - put it on Autopilot and never run out again
  • NO minimum order size, no commitment, no contract
  • Each order CUSTOM blended from our small batch, fresh roasted beans
  • Whole BEAN or GROUND for your coffeemaker(s)

We have a range of coffees to suit different tastes and a delicious decaf for afternoons or your uncaffeinated team members.

What do our customers say?

Using Sparkplug’s automated delivery service has given me the time to focus on other areas of my job, instead of stressing about keeping the office caffeinated. Not only is it reliable, prompt, (and most importantly fresh!) but the attention to detail is excellent. I’m so glad I found Kara & Sparkplug; the office wouldn’t be the same without them!
— Mary from Agility Inc.

You know that great coffee can help keep your team happy and more productive.

If you've got a coffeemaker, put Sparkplug Coffee in it and your team is sure to be pleased. Call or email Kara to learn more & get your business running with Sparkplug Coffee. 

"We love Sparkplug Coffee!" 

"We love Sparkplug Coffee!"