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Up Shift Coffee for the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW

Up Shift Coffee for the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW

We are super stoked to be selected as the Official Coffee of the Motorcycle Supershow!

To celebrate, we're custom building a special blend - Up Shift - just for the Motorcycle Supershow. We'll have samples to try at the show and you'll be able to take a bag home or order some for delivery after the show.

January 8, 9 & 10, 2016 at the Toronto International Centre

Click on the title for more info and to download a coupon to save on admissions.

Go for broke with Full Throttle feature blend

Go for broke with Full Throttle feature blend

Full Throttle feature blend

A spicy blend for this busy time of year

Full Throttle. That seems to be the speed we're running at around year end. So we mixed up a blend of beans to match our mood. Full on, big bold flavours. Spicy and a tad quirky.

The super special flavours of the Full Throttle blend come from exotic Monsooned Malabar beans from India. Then we add in a melange of beans from around the coffee world - including our beloved Ethiopian, of course - to get just the right balance.

If you loved our Hey Honey feature last year with the honey processed beans from Costa Rica, you won't want to miss Full Throttle.

The Top 100 Project podcast for film lovers

The Top 100 Project podcast for film lovers

We would love the Top 100 Project even if film buffs Ryan and Bev didn't develop awesome ads for Sparkplug Coffee to start every episode. Each one tailored to the film being reviewed. Too cool.
Listen up here or click on this blog post title to read more!

Que Rico! Our new feature coffee!

Que Rico!


So tasty! Rich & delicious!

¡Ay, que rico!

That's a common expression heard in Latin America that means: so rich, so tasty, so delicious. And it is also the name of our new feature coffee - a delicious rich and smooth blend. 

Que Rico is made of a mix of medium roasted and darker roasted coffees, all from Central America and the northern part of South America. Think of the hills of Costa Rica and the mountains of Colombia. Small lot purchases with limited availability.

Give it a try and discover the meaning of Que Rico!

Fair Trade or Fairly Traded?

What is the difference?

Is your coffee a commodity crop? Or is it a specialty product?

Traditionally, coffee has been a commodity product almost exclusively grown in poor tropical countries. Farmers sell their crops to local cooperatives or wholesalers who then sell them on for commodity coffees. Farmers of commodity crops are usually paid poorly and their workers can be in dire economic circumstances.
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Happy International Coffee Day!

A Day to Celebrate Coffee!

Yes, I know, isn't EVERY day Coffee Day? But October 1st is International Coffee Day - a day for everyone around the world to celebrate and enjoy our favo(u)rite beverage.

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Coffee 101: Coffee Making Fundamentals

Coffee 101: Coffee Making Fundamentals

What is coffee?

At its most basic, the ingredients for coffee are simply:

ground coffee beans + water

The magic of coffee happens as the coffee flavour is extracted from the grinds into the water.

Choosing good quality, fresh roasted beans and clean, pure water are a given. Other variables you typically have some control over are the amount of time, the mix of coffee to water, the grind and the water temperature.

Thinking about the fundamentals of coffee, we’ve developed some rules of thumb to help no matter what kind of coffeemaker you’re using.

Coffee Worth Making a Fuss About

Featuring the Fuss Studio Blend Coffee

Summertime - time for a new 'do and a new feature coffee. And we're super stoked to be featuring the Fuss Studio blend

We created the Fuss Studio Blend for our fave local salon and early Sparkplug Coffee customer, Fuss Hair Studio to brew up in the salon. 

Now you can get that Fuss coffee deliciousness at home in between new 'dos. 

Buy Fuss Studio Blend, Make A Difference

We're donating a portion of sales of the Fuss Studio Blend coffee to the Toronto Humane Society, picked because the Fuss crew are big pet lovers and the THS provides such a valuable service.

Buy some coffee and help a dog, cat or bunny - what a sweet deal! 

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