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Earn Money For Your Cause: Coffee Fundraising

Earn Money For Your Cause: Coffee Fundraising

Rev up your fundraising!

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Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for your cause?

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I'm so excited to announce the new Sparkplug Coffee fundraising program. It's fast, easy and 100% risk free!

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Mad Bastard 2017 Recap

Mad Bastard 2017 Recap

MBSR 2017 Recap

Team WILD brings nature to the MBSR

Here is a recap of his experiences written by my honeybee, Joe - Rider #54 - sent out to the people who sponsored his ride and helped him raise over $600 of the $10,000 in donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters of London. 

Instead of riding the route this year, I ran two mandatory checkpoints and had so much fun seeing all of the riders, in all their fun costumes, along the rally route. Already planning for 2019! 

Sponsoring Scooter Madness! MBSR2017

Sponsoring Scooter Madness! MBSR2017

MBSR 2017: June 23, 24 & 25.  

London, Ontario

Headquartered in London, Ontario, this year's Mad Bastard Scooter Rally will be epic!

I am so excited that Sparkplug Coffee will be part of this crazy event with pop up stations along the route. What do we have in store for the rally riders? You'll have to sign up to find out!  

Coffee pairing - double chocolate banana bread

Coffee pairing - double chocolate banana bread

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate. Bananas. Cocoa. Easy. Delicious.

Pair up this recipe with a mug of our Fuss Studio Blend coffee for a wonderful treat.

We found this recipe at Smitten Kitchen, a great source for recipes that always turn out well. Read on for our version of the recipe (and a link to the original).