Viva la coffee revolution!

El Libertador Feature Coffee

Viva la coffee revolution! Liberate your taste!

Cinco de Mayo seems like the perfect day to introduce our newest feature blend.

El Libertador is named for Símon Bolívar, El Libertador (The Liberator) who led the South American fight for independence from the Spanish. Our special blend brings together delicious organic fairtrade coffees from Peru and Bolivia with coffees from Gran Colombia, Bolívar’s short-lived republic.

Roasted medium-dark, El Libertador shows characteristics we love about South American coffees. Semi-sweet chocolate, smooth, rich and full-bodied. Delicious on its own or as a cafe con leche, with a bit of milk for added sweetness.

There is a limited supply of this delicious blend, click here to give it a try and join the coffee revolution!

Did you know that Bolivia used to part of Peru? It became an independent country under Símon Bolívar, who was asked to be its first head of state but turned that down. The new country was named after Bolívar anyway.