The Secret of Cold Brew Coffee


coffee + water + time = magic

One of my hot weather treats is a nice cold coffee.

Different than iced coffee where hot coffee is poured over ice, cold brew coffee is made with room temperature or cool water and time. It is super easy to make and is extremely smooth, rich, flavourful and with zero acidity or bitterness. Another benefit - unlike hot brewed coffee, it stores for a couple of weeks without losing its delicious flavour!

Now that I know how easy it is to mix up a batch, I love that I can make it at home instead of paying $4 a cup in a coffee shop!  Here is the Sparkplug Coffee guide to great-every-time cold brew coffee...

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe


  • 1 cup / 240 ml of ground freshly roasted Sparkplug Coffee. Any blend, preferably a medium grind
  • 4 to 5 cups / 1 litre of cool or room temperature water

basic preparation

  • mix grounds with water
  • let sit for 12-18 hours
  • filter grounds from water
  • dilute to taste - start with 2 parts water, ice, milk etc. to 1 part concentrate

Dilute To Taste

try these ideas

  • basic black: cold water and ice
  • smooth white: milk or cream
  • creamy alternatives: almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk
  • the SE Asian way: sweetened condensed milk
  • hot cold brew? for sure! Add hot water for a delicious instant hot coffee
  • adults only: with Irish cream liqueur, bourbon or rum
  • for kids & young at heart: a coffee float with milk and ice cream

Filtering Options

For me, the biggest challenge with cold brew is filtering it. Until recently, the best solution I'd found was a piece of cheesecloth in a strainer over a jar. Inexpensive and works fine but can be a bit messy. The cheesecloth can be reused - just rinse it out and let it air dry.

That's why I am so delighted with the Cold Brew filter from CoffeeSock. Way easier than the cheesecloth! And it is also easy to clean, can be reused for years, and the organic cotton cloth doesn't affect the taste.

Another option is to use a French press. As with a hot brew made in a French press, you may get a bit of sediment in your cup but you'll also get a full, rich taste and you don't have to buy any special equipment or fuss with strainers or cheesecloth.


with organic cotton cold brew filter

Cold Brew filter from Coffee Sock

Cold Brew filter from Coffee Sock

  • put ground coffee inside filter and filter inside mason jar, pitcher or other container
  • pour water through making sure to saturate all grounds. Close the filter, push into jar, cover
  • leave in the fridge or on the counter 12 - 18 hours
  • pull filter out (squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible)
  • dilute to taste & enjoy!

with cheesecloth or paper coffee filter

  • mix ground coffee and water in a jar, pitcher or other container. Make sure to saturate all the grounds (maybe stir once or twice in the first couple of hours)
  • leave in the fridge or on the counter 12 - 18 hours
  • filter by putting cheesecloth or paper coffee filter into a strainer. Have patience! can take up to 1/2 hour to filter through
  • dilute to taste & enjoy!

with French Press  

  • mix ground coffee and water in the French press carafe
  • leave in the fridge or on the counter 12 - 18 hours
  • press filter down
  • dilute to taste & enjoy!