Featuring Road Trip - for coffee connoisseurs

Take a Road Trip with us

We’re making one of our signature coffees, Road Trip, the current featured blend. We think it’s delicious and is a fave for our morning brew.

If you love a straight up, delicious cup of coffee, you'll want to give Road Trip a try, too.
Road Trip is a post roast blend, meaning that each type of bean is roasted to highlight its unique characteristics before we mix them together for your order.

We love Ethiopian coffees!

We love Ethiopian coffees!

Organic Ethiopian beans from the Sidamo region are roasted on the lighter side of medium to bring out their natural sweetness and fruitiness. (Who'd think coffee beans could bring a hint of blueberry to the cup? Or that it would be so delicious?) You may know that we add Ethiopian beans to lots of our blends because we think they grow amazing, special coffees. Our favourite out of all of our coffee country travels.

To add complexity and richness while keeping the overall taste clean and bright, we mix in Central American beans that are roasted on the darker side of medium.

If you take your coffee with lots of cream or as a milky espresso this is probably not the blend for you. The milk will overwhelm the nuances of the coffee and you'll wonder why we love it. But if you like a nice strong cup with a sweet and complex flavour, rich with a bright finish, you'll love Road Trip.

If you’re an adventurous coffee drinker, try it as an espresso. Non-traditional yet delicious!  

One of our signature blends, if you love Road Trip, you'll be happy to know you can make it part of your regular coffee order.