Rocket seasonal coffee: smoky, spicy & sweetness from SE Asia

Rocket: Limited Edition

Papua New Guinea + Sumatra = rocket fuel

Bold, smoky, spicy and delicious!

Bold, smoky, spicy and delicious!

Our new seasonal, limited edition ROCKET coffee is now available.

Fly me to the moon…

OK, we didn’t quite go to the moon to create Rocket. But it will take your tastebuds all the way around the world to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Sumatra, Indonesia.

These premium SE Asian coffees are roasted on the darker side. The earthy, smoky, spiciness is from the Sumatran beans. The PNG coffee contributes the bright, clean sweetness.

Southeast Asia produces amazing coffees. Sumatran and other Indonesian coffees are pretty popular. But how often have you had coffee from Papua New Guinea? Not often enough! So try it while you can. Take a Rocket trip and get our Rocket limited edition coffee today!

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