A Special Coffee to Rock & Roll Your World

Rock & Roll 

How do we make coffee that makes you want to dance with joy?

To make Rock & Roll, our newest feature coffee, we start with a natural (also called dry process) coffee bean from a small family-owned farm in Nicaragua. Grown at a high altitude in the lush rainforest, the coffee is ripened on the tree and allowed to dry naturally (hence why it's called natural process) before the fruit is separated from the coffee bean. This is the traditional method of processing coffee and is more common in Africa than in Central America. Allowing the fruit to dry around the bean means some of characteristics of the fruit seep into the bean, making the coffee in your cup more complex and interesting. 

This special Nicaraguan bean is then roasted on the lighter side of medium to preserve its fruity, creamy deliciousness. To make this coffee Rock & Roll, we add a dash of heirloom organic Ethiopian beans and some delicious South American beans for balance and to bring in some classic cacao flavour and richness.

You may want to Rock & Roll all night -- and party every day -- but this Rock & Roll will only be around for a short time. The Nicaraguan bean is a small lot purchase and once we're out, we're out. So get some while you can.