Pour Over Coffee: Brew With The Best

Why do we love the pour over coffee method?

1. it's really easy and quick.

2. you can pretty much guarantee a good cup of coffee every time

IF you're looking to brew with the best, we have a few rules of thumb to share. Not only will your coffee breaks be better, but you can show these tips to your friends and prove your coffee cred. 😉

Check out this video and make sure you have your tools ready so you can brew-it-yourself along with Christina!

Rules of Thumb for a Perfect Pour Over Coffee from Sparkplug www.sparkplug.coffee

Rules of Thumb for a great pour over

Tools required:

  • pour over - we like ceramic like this one

  • coffee filter - the right size for your pour over (#2 or one-cup in our example)

  • a mug to brew into

  • finely ground fresh roasted coffee

The Rules:

  1. fold the edges of your coffee filter. Just a little trick to make it fit better.

  2. wet the filter & warm your cup first. (Don’t forget to dump out the water before the next steps!)

  3. use 2 TBSP (about 12g) per cup. More if it’s a big cup

  4. wet the grounds to let the CO2 out

  5. make sure the water is the perfect temperature - hot water, not quite boiling (wait 30-60 seconds after kettle comes to a full boil)

  6. pour the water in a circular or zig-zag motion to stir up the grinds and get all the flavour out with no dry pockets

That’s it! Pretty easy, just takes 3-4 minutes and results in a great coffee.

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