The new Standard for coffee

Ta da!

The winning SIZE names for Sparkplug Coffees are...

After much thought and deliberation and consideration of the Coffee Bag Survey responses, we have chosen new names for our coffee sizes. And they are... (drum roll...) 

Standard & Large

Standard - 300 g

Formerly known as 750cc, the Standard holds at least 300 grams and makes about 30 to 35 cups of delicious coffee, depending on how you brew. 

Pick the Standard size if you're drinking a cup a day or are mostly a weekend coffee drinker. 

Because we use Canada Post lettermail, we can't promise more than 300g in a Standard package. You'll almost always get a little more than that - we'll send as much as will fit and that varies depending on how the beans are roasted and whether you get whole bean or ground. 

Large - 900 g

The Two Pounder is now Large and is still 900 grams of coffee. You should get 100 or more cups of coffee out of it, depending how you brew. What more can we say? A super option if you drink a couple cups a day.

The Large is a great choice if you're drinking a few cups a day or sharing among two or three people. For more than 2 or 3 people, take a look at our Team Coffee page.

Brew It Yourself - delicious and affordable

We work hard to keep our prices about the same as buying who-knows-how-fresh specialty beans from the store. At this time, a Standard bag of any Sparkplug Coffee costs around 55¢ a cup. And a Large bag works out to between 40¢ and 45¢ a cup - what a deal! 

We are happy that we can offer the same awesome coffee at the same price across Canada. No extra shipping charges for small towns or places that are a bit off the beaten track.