Nomad - an all African coffee to fuel all your adventures

Nomad blend: Limited Edition

An all-African blend for nomads and adventurers

Now in season! Take it for a ride....

Now in season! Take it for a ride....

Our new seasonal, limited edition Nomad coffee is now available.

To make Nomad we go to the birthplace of coffee in East Africa. From Kenya we have a fabulous coffee that is grown in a mountainous area just a little north of Nairobi. This coffee is paired with a delicious FairTrade organic coffee from a coop in Ethiopia’s south-central Sidamo region.

Both beans are lightly* roasted to highlight their zesty, sweet flavours and syrupy feel. Together these beans create a somewhat spicy and aromatic cup.

We prefer drinking Nomad black and think it’s best as a drip or filter coffee - including Aeropress, Chemex, pour overs of all sorts and your basic drip coffeemaker. If you’re an espresso drinker, you’ll probably like it best as a macchiato instead of a latte. Too much milk will overwhelm the taste of this coffee.

We stole the name for Nomad coffee from the newsletter of the Ontario Norton Owners club. (The logo is stolen from their Dark Cafe Ride - you’ll hear more about that next spring!)

The name and logo may be inspired by the cool Norton Owners but the coffee is 100% original Sparkplug. We are proud to provide this delicious Nomad coffee to fuel your adventures.

* No worries, Nomad is a lighter roast but this isn’t a super-light-weirdly-fruity coffee.

Nomad coffee for true adventurers and coffee lovers

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