Here for Summer: Moka Java

A fresh take on the original coffee blend

Ethiopia + Papua New Guinea = our modern Moka Java blend

A traditional Moka Java blend combines coffee from Yemen, named for the Yemeni port of Mocca, with estate (single-origin) coffee from the Indonesian island of Java. Our Moka Java combines exceptional, organically grown coffees from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. Together, you get a modern take on a classic coffee. 

Both beans are done as a city roast - a little on the lighter side of medium. This roast brings out all the special characteristics of the beans while also ensuring your coffee is rich and full-bodied. You get a bit of fruitiness and acidity (in a good way) from the Ethiopian beans and a lovely spiciness from the PNG beans. 

Don't miss out on this delicious coffee! Try our Moka Java while it is in season!   

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