Mama is the best

Here’s your chance to try coffee from the Congo. 

Drinking our medium roasted Mama Congo makes me think of black cherry, dark chocolate and sweet dried plums. With a rich, full body and smoothness, this spectacular coffee is very different from a typical East African bean. 

Grown in the Kivu region in NE Congo, not far from the Rwandan and Ugandan borders, these beans come from the Kawa Cooperative, a large coop of almost 5000(!!) farmers. Only in its second year of production, the coop has a great deal of support from international organizations which are working to build a sustainable coffee industry. Congo has a terrible history of turmoil, corruption and violence. The Kawa Cooperative and its supporters hope to overcome that through growing premium coffee that provides high incomes for its farmers.  

Exports of Congolese coffee are still quite low and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to bring you Mama Congo

We have a limited supply and Mama Congo won’t be around for long.  


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