LOWRIDER - coffee with style

LOWRIDER seasonal coffee

organic FairTrade beans from Mexico deliver a bold, smooth style

Like a LOWRIDER car, this coffee is all about style and smoothness. 

LOWRIDER is made from FairTrade and organic beans, grown in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico near the Guatemalan border. 

We roast this on the darker side of medium so you taste all the spiciness and complex flavours of this coffee. It is naturally sweet without a hint of bitterness. We get a bit of brown sugar (or is that dulce de leche?) as we swirl the coffee around our mouth and gulp it down.

LOWRIDER is recommended for brew and espresso. Try it as a filter coffee to really taste all the complexity, fruitiness and sweetness in this coffee. We bet it'll make an amazing French press, too. Add a pinch of cinnamon to the pot for an authentically Mexican-style coffee.

Let us know how you make it and how you like it. But be quick! Like all our seasonal coffees, LOWRIDER is only in season for a short time.

Don't miss out on this delicious coffee! Get LOWRIDER while it is in season!   

p.s. Don't confuse LOWRIDER with our Low Voltage  1/2 Caf. They both have LOW in their names but our LOWRIDER coffee is full caffeine. 

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