Love Potion will warm the heart of all coffee lovers

Brew up some Love Potion

our newest limited edition coffee brings you a heart warming coffee from Peru

Brew up some    Love Potion!

Brew up some Love Potion!

Mmmm… delicious coffee grown in the Andes, roasted to perfection & made with love

We guarantee you’ll love our Love Potion seasonal coffee. To create this potion, we picked a delicious Peruvian coffee and roast it medium - not dark, not light, right in the middle.

You may think we’ve added cocoa or caramel - or even a dash of dulce de leche - when we created our Love Potion blend. But, no, this is just straight-up, coffee. Sweet, sweet, lovely coffee. It’s almost magical how the flavours can be so complex from a simple seed.

The secret is the love that was added at every step to create this Love Potion coffee. TLC from the farmer tending his coffee farm in the mountains of Peru and drying the beans before sending them to your favourite roaster to meticulously craft each batch of this medium roasted blend.

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