Brew A Great Cup Every Time coffee class #1

What fun! 10 people signed up for the first ever session of our Brew A Great Cup Every Time coffee class and 12 people showed up! Including a lovely and patient 5 year old who sampled the double chocolate banana bread but didn't partake of the coffees.

We made coffee using a pourover AKA cone filter or dripper, French press, then the AeroPress 3 ways. And sampled coffee made with the Espro press at the end. The coffees were all tasty. I remembered almost all the tips I wanted to share. The feedback forms say that everyone learned something new and enjoyed themselves. 100% would recommend this to other coffee lovers so we may make this a regular thing. I also learned some helpful tips for making future sessions run more smoothly. Overall, a great success!

Thank you to The Healthy Road for donating the lovely kitchen space! And thanks to all you coffee lovers who joined me for this session!