Is it still good? Should I drink it?

Is it still good? Should I drink it?

When you’re buying coffee – or wondering if that bag of beans you’ve found in the back of the cupboard is still any good – there are a couple ways you can figure out if it’s fresh or not even before you taste it.


Fresh Coffee

(AKA “The Best”)

Has a gorgeous, rich aroma that makes you think of your happiest place.  

You may even get weak in the knees from the aroma of freshly roasted coffee…


Not-Fresh Coffee

(AKA “Stale”)

Well, you can kinda tell it’s coffee, if you put your nose right into the bag, and if you inhale deeply…

If it’s really stale, the smell will be sharp and not a good coffee aroma. Ick and double ick. 

take a look and a sniff to tell if your beans are fresh or stale



If it’s a dark roast, each bean has the oils that were drawn out during roasting still glistening on its skin. Coffee beans look and feel like Californian sunbathers.

Lighter roasts will not be oily but will have a nice brown coffee colour.



Age and exposure to air has evaporated the delicious and aromatic oils. The colour has faded. The surface is dull. Unfortunately, many of the most treasured flavours have evaporated too.

A terrible thing to let happen to a glorious and noble coffee bean!



Is still releasing CO2

A mini science experiment to test if the beans are really, really fresh: put some beans in a ziplock bag, squish all the air out, and leave it overnight.

If the coffee is still very fresh, the beans are still releasing carbon dioxide and the bag will puff up. Happy dance! The coffee is very fresh! 


yes! it’s fresh!

yes! it’s fresh!



Has given off all the CO2 it had.

In the morning, the bag will be just as you left it the night before – just dry beans with barely any coffee smell in a ziplock bag… sigh...

It’s time to buy some fresh beans!

don’t do it! just say “no” to stale coffee!

don’t do it! just say “no” to stale coffee!

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