How Fuss Hair Studio Impresses Their Customers

“Can I get you a coffee or tea?” 

 Fabulous Fuss Hair Studio owners, Kristin & Stacey

Fabulous Fuss Hair Studio owners, Kristin & Stacey

Like many salons, customers at Fuss Hair Studio in Toronto’s Leslieville are offered a drink when they arrive at the salon. By improving the quality of their coffee, Fuss has found that their fussy customers have noticed. 

Of course, people come to Fuss for the great cuts and colour treatments.  And a big part of why they return is because of the entire customer experience. It’s the chic environment, amazing scalp massage, friendly people, cool music - and the delicious coffee. 

Before: big box or indie coffee shops

Fuss used to buy coffee from a big box retailer or from local indie coffee shops. Owners Stacey and Kristin found that the big box retailer had good prices… but the coffee wasn’t fresh and it wasn’t convenient for the owners to make trips out to the suburbs for coffee for the salon. The local coffee shops were a bit pricey and the coffee wasn’t always great. Sometimes good, sometimes not to their taste. Plus someone had to be sent out to buy coffee, with cash from the till, or Stacey or Kristin had to remember to pick some up on their day off. Oops, we’re out again! 


Now: easy, convenient & delicious coffee delivered

When they heard about Sparkplug Coffee, Kristin and Stacey were excited to try it out. A local company, that delivered when they needed, consistent and reliable blends, prices that were competitive and included delivery? Sign us up! 

Sparkplug Coffee created a special blend for Fuss - a classic, medium roast, South & Central American blend of beans. The Fuss Studio blend is designed to work well in an automatic coffeemaker, which is how Fuss makes it. Fuss orders one Large bag of coffee at a time, ground for their coffeemaker, so that it is as fresh as possible.

Customers love the coffee at Fuss!

Since switching to Sparkplug Coffee, Fuss owners Kristin and Stacey have found their customers have really noticed the difference. Recently, the Fuss coffeemaker broke and it surprised them how many customers were disappointed not to have coffee available. They had come to rely on a treat of delicious coffee during their Fuss visit. Fuss staff heard comments like “I haven’t had my coffee today because I knew I was coming here.”

Fortunately, a new coffeemaker was installed within a few days and customers are happy again.