Happy International Coffee Day!

A Day to Celebrate Coffee!

Yes, I know, isn't EVERY day Coffee Day? But October 1st is International Coffee Day - a day for everyone around the world to celebrate and enjoy our favo(u)rite beverage.

International Coffee Day was established this year by the International Coffee Organization. October 1, 2015 being the first international day to celebrate coffee, it may be confused with some National Coffee Days, especially those celebrated on September 29th.

International Coffee Day is a day to both celebrate coffee and to acknowledge the hardworking farmers who bring our fave elixir to market. Countries that helped to establish International Coffee Day are both coffee drinking (importing) countries like Canada and the USA and coffee producing (exporting) countries.  

Yes Rob! You should put this coffee in your face! Happy International Coffee Day!

Yes Rob! You should put this coffee in your face! Happy International Coffee Day!

The list of Coffee Day partners include some countries that I wouldn’t have expected - like Liberia and Philippines. And Timor-Leste: that's a country? My bad, I didn't know that's the name for East Timor now that it's independent. Regardless, I bet Timor-Leste produces some amazing coffee!  

How are you celebrating International Coffee Day?

Whether you like your coffee brewed or espresso-based, milky or black, hot or cold, sweetened or natural, decaf, half-caf or full strength, should you celebrate International Coffee Day by putting some delicious coffee in your face right now? Take a look at this handy flowchart by The Oatmeal and the lovely ilovecoffee blog to help you decide.

Here at Sparkplug Coffee Global HQ, we'll be making our usual delicious cup of coffee with our one-cup pourover to start the day. And we'll use the new featured blend, just to make the dayextra-special. Then who knows where the day will take us?


However you celebrate it, we hope your International Coffee Day is fabulous! (Thanks to Giphy & the interweb for the Coffee at Tiffany's pic)

Make Every Day Celebrate Coffee Day!

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