French Press: Brew With The Best

Keep Calm & Press On

French press is beloved because it can make a delicious, rich, full-bodied, wonderful coffee.

It can also be bitter, full of sediment or sour, if not done well. But with these tips, every pot you press will be delicious!

We love a rich dark roast like  Globetrotter  in our French press

We love a rich dark roast like Globetrotter in our French press

Rules of Thumb for a great French press coffee

Tools required:

look for an all-metal filter like this french press

look for an all-metal filter like this french press

  • a French press - we like ones with all-metal filters and are not fans of plastic which warps and doesn’t filter as well as metal. (Just talking about the part that presses down and filters the coffee. Plastic lids or handles don’t affect the taste or performance.)

  • a kettle

  • MEDIUM to COARSE ground fresh roasted coffee - you can use any coffee in a press though we prefer a darker roast like our Globetrotter organic espresso or Bullit Custom Dark blends.

The Rules:

  1. GRIND: medium-coarse (granular & distinct particles like a coarse sand or salt).
    This is the choice for any immersion coffee maker like a French press where the coffee grinds are stirred together to steep in the water for a couple minutes. Too fine will give you a bitter and sludgy coffee.

  2. WATER TEMPERATURE: think of Goldilocks - not too hot, not too cold.
    Wait a minute after it comes to a full boil to get it just right. You’re aiming for 91-96ºC or around 200ºF for the perfect brew.

  3. TIMING: set a timer for 3-4 minutes.
    Think Goldilocks again: don’t rush it, don’t forget it (which is what I do if I don’t set a timer). Not long enough & you don’t get all the flavour and richness. Too long and it overextracts and becomes bitter.

  4. DRINK UP: what did I just say about leaving it too long until it’s bitter?
    If you’re not going to drink the whole pot right away, pour it out of the press and into a thermal carafe. Or just pour it into a mug or glass and reheat in the microwave when you’re ready to drink it. I promise: a quick reheat after a couple hours will be delicious and waaaayyyy better than coffee that’s been immersed with the grinds for all that time!

That’s it! Super easy and gives you a delicious, super rich, full-bodied cup in just 3 or 4 minutes!

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