Fireside Seasonal Coffee

Fireside is a dark and delicious coffee to keep you warm this winter

We've brought back the very popular Fireside coffee as the current seasonal blend. 

Winter is coming. The first snow has hit Toronto and the rains have set in on the Wet Coast. As I write this, there are storm alerts for BC's Sunshine Coast and parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

No worries! Our Fireside coffee will keep you warm and cozy during the short & cool days. 

Fireside is built around a delicious naturally processed* bean from Sumatra, Indonesia. We roast it dark to highlight its smoky, earthy and spicy characteristics. 

The Fireside Blend feature coffee with dark & delicious Sumatran beans to keep you warm and cozy

The Fireside Blend feature coffee with dark & delicious Sumatran beans to keep you warm and cozy

The rainforests of the northern Sumatran highlands produce wonderful coffees that subtly evoke some of the same tastes as mulled wine - clove, dried fruit, maybe even a bit of pepper.

* These beans are naturally processed - the whole coffee cherry is dried in the sun before the fruit is removed. Also known as "dry process", this method can be tricky to get right. While it is drying, the crop is carefully monitored to make sure it doesn't over ferment. Roasted dark, the payoff is a coffee with amazing flavour and aroma baked in from its time in the sun.

What is the Sparkplug seasonal coffee?

Every few weeks, we pick a new coffee to feature - not flavoured or decaffeinated, always delicious. It could be a single-origin (from one country or even part of a small lot from one farm) or a blend of special beans from a couple places. 

Don't miss out!

The seasonal feature is never around for long. So try it while it's here! 

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