Gold is Best. Yes. Ecuador Gold now in season.

Ecuador Gold - direct trade makes everyone richer

Gold is Best. Yes.

I still love this old iPhone 5 parody ad. And in this case, gold IS best! Ecuador Gold brings you amazing coffee. And it brings financial stability to an area of Ecuador that was hit hard by an earthquake a couple of years ago.

Ecuadorean coffee farmers with their crop

Ecuadorean coffee farmers with their crop

Ecuador Gold is a medium roast bean from a small collective in the Andes that was started to help the local farmers recover economically after the 2016 earthquake.

Only 20 sacks of coffee were produced last season. We are so lucky that we got our hands on some!

Our friends (and serious coffee geeks) at Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters purchased the entire lot of honey-processed coffee, paying the farmers at least 5 times what they would have received locally.

Velvet Sunrise won the Best Coffee Award at the 2018 Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo with these beans. 

For a very short time, you can also brew award-worthy coffee -- and support the economic rebuilding in Ecuador -- with your purchase of Ecuador Gold.

Ecuador Gold is medium-roasted to highlight the natural sweetness and almost fruitiness of these beans.

Ecuador Gold is a very small lot, limited edition coffee. Get it while you can.

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