Rico Suave! Don Juan seasonal coffee is in the house!

Don Juan: Limited Edition

medium roast, honey processed beans direct from Costa Rica to your coffeemaker

Our new seasonal, limited edition DON JUAN coffee is here.

Don Juan: made for coffee lovers

Don Juan: made for coffee lovers

Suave yet sweet, you’ll fall in love with this one

Don Juan, our medium roast, honey processed coffee from Costa Rica will seduce you with its caramel sweetness.

Imported directly from a farm in the foothills of San Jose, Costa Rica to our roaster in Toronto, Don Juan is a very special coffee. The beans are honey processed (red honey process, if you want to get specific about it) which gives them a fruitiness and syrupy quality that is hard to find in a Central American coffee. The medium roast shows off the quality and character of this coffee.

The Scoop on Red Honey Process

Wondering what the heck a honey process coffee is? Or maybe you know of honey process but are wondering about red honey processing vs regular or white or yellow or black? No sweat, here’s the scoop.

The taste of your coffee is influenced by all the steps in the coffee bean’s journey from the tree to your cup. After harvest, the fruit from the coffee tree is stripped to get to the seed inside (that’s the bean) which is dried and then shipped to Canada for roasting and delivery to your kitchen.

Costa Rican coffee farmers were pioneers in developing the honey process method. This is where only part of the fruit is removed before the beans are dried. “Honey” refers to the sticky mucilage that is left on the bean. The colours - white, yellow, red and black - can either refer to the amount of “honey” left on the bean or to the drying conditions. More mucilage or more shade gives the drying coffee a darker (red or black) colour while less “honey” or lots of sun will create a white or yellow honey process.

If you want to know more about honey processing, check out Erin Meister’s in-depth article from Daily Coffee News. And try out Don Juan to taste a red honey process coffee.

But get on it! Like all our seasonal coffees, this Latin lovely will only be around for a few weeks!

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