Our newest seasonal coffee is Da Bomb!

This coffee is Da Bomb!

An exclusive bean from India. Served with a side of chicory. 

Da Bomb is a single origin coffee from India. The growers call it Bombaat, which means "awesome" in Kannada, the local language of Karnataka.

We think this spicy, dark roasted coffee is Da Bomb and are privileged to be able to share it with you. 

Tea may get most of the attention in India but a lot of amazing coffee is grown there, too. Da Bomb is grown on a small coffee estate in the hills of Karnataka in south-west India. Coffee has been grown on this land since 1919 - almost 100 years. In addition to coffee, the estate grows black pepper, chile peppers, cardamom and chicory.

We are shipping Da Bomb with a packet of chicory so you can create your own blend. Try the coffee on its own or add a dash of chicory for an Indian-style coffee taste. Chicory has been mixed with coffee (and sometimes used as a substitute when the real deal wasn't available) going back to Napoleon's time in France. Many people love the taste and it is still the not-so-secret ingredient used for New Orleans style coffee. Chicory is also a popular addition to some ready-to-drink cold brew coffees, adding a touch of bitterness and depth. 

We recommend trying Da Bomb 3 ways:

  1. how the grower likes it: add a dash of chicory to the beans, brew up a strong pot of Da Bomb, and serve it with milk and sugar for a cup that is bitter, sweet, spicy and creamy. 
  2. make it like in New Orleans: cold brew it with a dash of chicory. Yum!
  3. your regular cup - try it however you normally make your coffee. 

Whichever way you go, we're sure you'll love Da Bomb! 

Don't miss out on this delicious coffee! Get Da Bomb while it is in season!   

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