Corktown Toronto - Sparkplug Coffee HQ

Sparkplug Coffee's home base

Although Sparkplug Coffee does not have a storefront and is a virtual / online business, we are proud to say that Corktown Toronto is our home base!


One of the wonderful things about our neighbourhood is the community association: the Corktown Residents & Business Association or CRBA. We got involved in the CRBA shortly after moving into Corktown and Kara has served on the board since 2012.

The CRBA's mission is "to enhance the quality of residential and business life, to promote and market Corktown, and to act as a voice for Corktown." Some of its projects include:

  • keeping residents informed by publishing a seasonal newspaper, the Corktowner, that is mailed to every local address.
  • representing the community to the City and developers on traffic, transit, development, parks and other issues.
  • throwing awesome parties in the summer and at Christmas. Super ways for neighbours to get to know each other!

The CRBA is 100% run by volunteers. Membership is free (sign up at and the CRBA does a lot for the neighbourhood, especially given its teeny weeny budget.

Buy Coffee & Support Corktown

Until the end of the PanAm & Para PanAm Games, 5% of net sales from any coffee purchase delivered to a Corktown Toronto will be donated to the Corktown Residents & Business Association.

We'll tally up all the Corktown & area sales up to August 15, 2015 and cut a cheque to the CRBA to help it with its excellent community activities. And for Corktowners who sign up to get coffee on autopilot - delivered every 2 weeks, 3 weeks or monthly - we'll continue the donation to the CRBA for all of 2015.

What the heck! We're including sales to addresses in St. Lawrence, Regent Park, Riverside, even most of Cabbagetown! And you already know that the Distillery District is part of Corktown so, of course, it is included.

Pick any coffee blend, the size, frequency of delivery (one-offs are counted, too), whole bean or ground. Click here for more info and the fine print.

Spring view from Corktown Common

Spring view from Corktown Common

Want to know more about Corktown?

Of course, our number one resource is the CRBA website - sign up for the emails updates to never miss out on local events! 

If you're on Facebook (you are, right?!) then here is the official Corktown TO page and here is an informal neighbour chat forum.

Here's a BlogTO article with some (very) old photos of Corktown.

It's just outside of the Corktown borders but we want to give a shout out to Toronto's First Post Office - Canada's friendliest and most helpful post office plus a cool museum. (Check out their Facebook page here and website here.) Tell them Sparkplug Coffee sent you!