CoffeeSocks back in Stock - 2, 4, 6, basket & Hario (new!)

Reusable organic cotton coffee filters

Find the filter for your coffeemaker - pourover or automatic

several sizes and styles available

We are all about easy and convenient. Which is why we love these reusable organic cotton coffee filters. Unlike paper filters, they don't run out! And they are super easy to use and to clean - just toss the coffee grounds, give them a rinse and let them air dry. Pour, rinse, repeat... every day for a year or more.

We just got a fresh shipment in and now have available:

  • NEW - Hario V60 cone-style pourover coffee filters
  • BACK IN STOCK - basket coffee filters for flat-bottomed coffeemakers (fits most auto drip, electric coffeemakers)
  • Melitta cone-style pourover coffee filters in
    • #2 size (one-cup)
    • #4 size (2-cup)
    • #6 size (carafe)

All of these come as packs of 2, so there are two reasons to never be out of coffee filters.


Reusable organic cotton cold brew coffee filters  

Don't forget about cold brew!

We also carry two sizes of cold brew filters - also made from organic cotton, of course! Each cold brew filter will make hundreds of litres of cold brew coffee before needing to be replaced. Your choice of:

  • standard size - designed for a 1L / 4-cup mason jar 
  • larger size - designed for a 2L or 1/2 gallon mason jar 

but you can use whatever carafe you have on hand. A mason jar is non-essential - you just need fresh ground, fresh roasted coffee and room temperature water to make delicious cold brew coffee. 

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