Classically Driven Coffee - now in season

CLASSICALLY DRIVEN seasonal coffee

a smoky, earthy & delicious blend

Classically Driven Coffee was created with our friend, Michael, owner of Classically Driven automotive memorabilia, in mind.

Michael has old school taste - he loves classic cars that are stylish and curvy and fast. He makes his coffee in a French press and loves a classic, darker roast coffee. This blend suits him to a Model T. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the bad pun!)

To suit Michael's French press, Classically Driven mixes organic, FairTrade coffees from the jungles of Sumatra in Indonesia and the highlands of Guatemala in Central America.

These two coffees are roasted on the darker side so you get a great smoky taste from the roast. And can still taste the earthy deliciousness and nuances of the coffees. It is surprisingly smooth and has just a hint of bitterness - the good kind of bitter, like bittersweet chocolate.

The Classically Driven blend is also delicious made with any immersion or drip method - pour over, auto coffeemaker, Aeropress, Chemex, even a percolator! (Yes, some people still love their percolators. And they can make good coffee if you set it up right and use awesome beans!)


Let us know how you make it and how you like it. But be quick! Like all our seasonal coffees, you only have a few weeks to give Classically Driven a test drive.

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