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French Press: Brew With The Best

French Press: Brew With The Best

Keep Calm & Press On

French press is beloved because it can make a delicious, rich, full-bodied, wonderful coffee.

It can also be bitter, full of sediment or sour, if not done well. But with these tips, every pot you press will be delicious! Read on, coffee lover…

In season: Mocca Java

In season: Mocca Java

Mocca Java: deliciousness in your cup

beans from Java + Ethiopia = our take on a coffee classic

Our medium roast MOCCA JAVA pairs a special coffee from West Java with our organic Ethiopian bean - yum!

Brew It Yourself - Aeropress Secret Tip

Brew It Yourself - Aeropress Secret Tip

A Quick Tip for the Aeropress

Vacuum Sealed instead of Inverted

If you're an AeroPress aficionado, you may have already figured this out. For those of us that have been using the inverted Aeropress technique, here is another way to ensure a perfect brew!

Pour Over Coffee: Brew With The Best

Pour Over Coffee: Brew With The Best

Rules of Thumb for an Amazing Pour Over

Why do we love the pour over coffee method?

1. it's really easy and quick

2. you can pretty much guarantee a good cup of coffee every time

IF you're looking to brew with the best, we have a few rules of thumb to share. Not only will your coffee breaks be better, but you can show these tips to your friends and prove your coffee cred. 😉

Check out this video and make sure you have your tools ready so you can brew-it-yourself along with Christina!

Fresh? Or Not?!

Fresh? Or Not?!

Fresh… or not? How to tell?

When you’re buying coffee – or wondering if that bag of beans you’ve found in the back of the cupboard is still any good – there are a couple ways you can figure out if it’s fresh or not even before you taste it.

Read on to find out how to tell if your coffee is FRESH… or NOT.

Hey Honey!

Yummy honey processed coffee

We know that Gold is Best Best Best. Yes# and our current feature coffee blend, Ecuador Gold, is based on a golden, honey process, small lot coffee from Ecuador. The beans have a natural sweetness and are ahhhh-mazing! as cold brew coffee.

Wet, Dry & Honey Processed Coffee

Before we get into how the honey process works, let's look at what coffee is and the different processing methods.