Ace seasonal coffee - your secret to amazing coffee

This dark & smoky coffee can be your ACE in the hole

Everyone needs a secret trick up their sleeve. And the ACE up your sleeve is amazing coffee. Your friends wonder why your coffee is always so good, so much better than theirs. You know what the secret is... fresh roasted, blended with care, Sparkplug Coffee.

The base for ACE, our current seasonal blend, is a syrupy, earthy coffee bean from Sumatra, Indonesia. It's dark roasted to accentuate its body and smokiness. We blend it with an exceptional coffee from the Colombian Andes. This medium roast bean balances out the Sumatran darkness with some sweetness.  

You'll find ACE has great body and is especially good in a French press. Or try it as cold brew! Bold, smoky, rich, delicious...

You know how it works - ACE is a limited edition coffee so get it while you can. 

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