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Earn Money For Your Cause: Coffee Fundraising

Earn Money For Your Cause: Coffee Fundraising

Rev up your fundraising!

Truly - as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for your cause?

Something that's easy to sell because everybody already loves it?

Well look no further!

I'm so excited to announce the new Sparkplug Coffee fundraising program. It's fast, easy and 100% risk free!

Learn more & sign up now

Special rewards for the first campaigns (limited number of spots available)

Roadster - summer fun

Roadster - summer fun

Roadster. Fun for the summer.

Our newest seasonal coffee, Roadster, gets its exceptional taste from a Guatemalan coffee. Farmed with care on a small, family-owned farm and medium-roasted to bring out its sweetness and classic styling, this is a coffee you'll love.

Gold is Best. Yes. Ecuador Gold now in season.

Gold is Best. Yes. Ecuador Gold now in season.

Ecuador Gold is Best. Yes.

Ecuador Gold is a medium roast bean from a small collective in the Andes that was started to help the local farmers recover economically after the 2016 earthquake.

Only 20 sacks of coffee were produced last season. We are so lucky that we got our hands on some! And you can, too - but just for a very short time….

Hey Honey!

Yummy honey processed coffee

We know that Gold is Best Best Best. Yes# and our current feature coffee blend, Ecuador Gold, is based on a golden, honey process, small lot coffee from Ecuador. The beans have a natural sweetness and are ahhhh-mazing! as cold brew coffee.

Wet, Dry & Honey Processed Coffee

Before we get into how the honey process works, let's look at what coffee is and the different processing methods.

ACE is now in season

ACE is now in season

Ace: in season right now

This coffee is like an ACE up your sleeve

Dark & smoky beans from Sumatra balanced with sweetness from Colombia. Give it a try while it’s in season.

In Season: Spring Break

In Season: Spring Break

Spring Break Coffee: in season right now

it'll put a spring in your step

A clean, rich, bittersweet blend of coffees from Guatemala and Nicaragua. In season for a short time, don't miss out. Get some here...