A New Year & A New Feature Coffee

Fireside Blend

Happy 2015! The new year seems like the perfect time to announce our new feature coffee: the Fireside Blend.

Based on a dark and delicious coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia, the Fireside Blend will warm you up on these cold January days. 

The rainforests of the northern Sumatran highlands produce wonderful coffees with earthy, smoky characteristics that subtly evoke some of the same tastes as mulled wine - clove, dried fruit, maybe even a bit of pepper.

The beans in our Fireside Blend are naturally processed - the whole coffee cherry is dried in the sun before the fruit is removed. The natural process (also known as the "dry process") can be tricky to get right. While it is drying, the crop is carefully monitored to make sure it doesn't over ferment. The payoff is a coffee with amazing flavour and aroma baked in from its time in the sun. Click here to give it a try

Cheers to the New Year! May yours be filled with happiness and great coffee!