Vespa Club of Canada Coffee | a modern take on vintage Italian espresso style

Made exclusively for the Vespa Club of Canada, this is an Italian espresso-style blend that's a perfect match for our beloved Italian scooter.


Vespa Club of Canada Coffee


A modern take on a vintage style

The Vespa Club of Canada Coffee is an espresso style blend, of course! What else would we make for the Vespa Club of Canada?

Unlike traditional Italian espresso blends which are made with a dollop of robusta beans, our VCoC Coffee is made from 100% premium Arabica coffees. That is one reason this coffee is less bitter than what you get at your local Italian coffee bar. The other big difference is that we roast and blend our beans to order. Fresh tastes best! 

Although we take the bitterness out, we leave in the smoky, strong flavour.

You'll love it as espresso, in a French press, brewed - or make it the traditional way in a Bialetti.  You don't need to be Italian, nor even to own a Vespa, to love this coffee. 

Sparkplug Price:  from just $21.95 including taxes & shipping anywhere in Canada. The same price for all Vespa Club of Canada members - from coast to coast to coast! 

Go Large and save - our Large 900g bag works out to less than 50¢ a cup, all in, delivered to your door! 

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Vespa Club of Canada

If you somehow got here and aren't a member, you should join! The VCoC is open to all Vespa lovers and enthusiasts, vintage or modern (you or the scooter), owners and those who covet. 

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  • The Large delivers 900 grams of Sparkplug Coffee and makes about 100 mugs of coffee. The Large is designed to keep 2 coffee lovers (or 1 serious coffee fiend) going for 3 to 4 weeks.

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