Road Trip Blend | super custom medium-light city roast coffee

a sophisticated taste for the true coffee lover

Road Trip

city roast coffee

Organic Ethiopian & direct trade Brazilian beans make a sweet & balanced coffee.


You'll want this delicious blend with you on every Road Trip - including a daily commute! 


Road Trip is a post-roast blend, meaning that each type of bean is roasted separately before we mix them together for your order. Some beans are roasted on the lighter side of medium, some on the darker side. Overall, we call Road Trip a City Roast (on the lighter side of medium) blend.

Blending organic beans from the African birthplace of coffee and direct trade beans from the jungles of South America results in a sweet and balanced coffee.

This is our lightest roast blend. A delicate coffee with hints of blueberry, jasmine & raisin.

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Recommended for:

  • the coffee connoisseur and Third Wave coffee lovers

  • drinking black or with just a touch of milk

  • any pour over or filtered coffeemaker - especially Aeropress and Chemex

  • cold brew coffee

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