Project Kids & Cameras | Coffee Fundraising

Support this amazing project and help kids out with every cup you drink!


Project Kids & Cameras

Project Kids & Cameras is a social enterprise empowering children and youth ages 5-13 to explore their voices and the world around them through photography, visual literacy, and social action. 

Kids with cameras make a difference. You can make a difference, too, by supporting this project through your coffee purchase!

Coffee Fundraising: How’s it Work?

  • Buy coffee

  • We’ll donate 5% of your coffee purchase to Project Kids & Cameras.

  • Use the gift code ProjectKidsCameras to save $1 for every bag of coffee purchased - including our other coffees and our famous Perk Me Up chocolate covered coffee beans!

Be sure and use the code ProjectKidsCameras so we know to donate part of your purchase! 

Learn more about Project Kids & Cameras here!

Project Kids & Cameras: Exclusive coffees

Show your support with these exclusive labels created for Project Kids & Cameras!

Street Photography

dark roast organic blend

This is a bold, dark, smoky and delicious coffee. Dark but not bitter. Smoky but not burnt. Hand blended and made with a blend of super fresh, super strong, super premium Arabica coffee beans. You'll love it as espresso, in a French press, brewed - or, the Italian way, in a moka pot!

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Street Photography Blend - dark roast and very tasty

Street Photography Blend - dark roast and very tasty

Other Coffees

Neither of these strike your fancy? Then take a look at our other coffees.

Remember to use the code ProjectKidsCameras to save and to support Project Kids & Cameras with your purchase!

NOTES & Coffee FAQs:

  • How does this support Project Kids & Cameras?

    • We donate 5% of every sale of the special Project Kids & Cameras blends to this project. PLUS we’ll donate part of each sale of any of our signature blends to Project Kids & Cameras IF the gift code PROJECTKIDSCAMERAS is used for each order. (If you don’t use the gift code, we won’t know you’re a supporter. Plus you’ll save $1 per bag, too!)

  • What is the shipping cost?

    • Shipping is FREE.

  • How much money will be raised for Project Kids & Cameras?

    • It depends how much coffee you buy! We’ll donate 5% of your purchase to Project Kids & Cameras.

  • How good is this coffee?

    • Our customers say that it’s wonderful! See below for what they have to say about Sparkplug coffees.

    • All our coffees are made from ethically sourced, premium Arabica coffees. Most beans we use are organically farmed and all are directly traded or FairTrade.

    • Every week, our coffees are roasted, hand-blended and packed to order (whole bean or ground just before shipping) to ensure it arrives as fresh as possible. We recommend drinking them up within 6-8 weeks of the packing date (noted on every bag) for the freshest, most flavourful coffee.

Thank you for Supporting Project Kids & Cameras… & for drinking great coffee!