Perk-Me-Ups | Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

treat yourself with delicious coffee beans drenched in dark chocolate


Perk Me Ups: Dark Chocolate Drenched Coffee Beans

Each Perk Me Up is a premium, roasted coffee bean drenched in dark Milk chocolate

If you've never tried chocolate covered coffee beans, you're in for a treat!

5 x 55g bags of Perk Me Up Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Who is this for?


Yes, just like our coffee, standard shipping is included!

Sparkplug Price:  $19.95 for 5 x 55g snack packs (275g in all)

Perk Me Up FAQs:

  • Do I just eat these? Whole coffee beans?

    • Yes, these are totally edible!

  • Do these contain caffeine?

    • Yes, Perk Me Ups contain caffeine and sugar so will give you a little energy boost.

  • How much will these perk me up?

    • Just a bit. They are safe to eat at any time of day. Just don't go crazy and eat them all just before bedtime!

  • Can I buy just one 55g bag?

    • Sorry but not at this time. We'd have to charge you $10 or more for one bag including shipping and that's just crazy.

Allergy alert! Made for us at a facility in Toronto that also makes nutty products. Contains milk ingredients and may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.

OMG chocolate covered coffee beans so good
— text from a happy customer
a 55g snack pack of Perk-Me-Up dark chocolate drenched coffee beans

a 55g snack pack of Perk-Me-Up dark chocolate drenched coffee beans

My son and I LOVED the chocolate covered coffee beans. They were so delicious!!!
— Diana in Toronto