Globetrotter Organic Dark Coffee | dark roast espresso style blend

This dark and delicious blend mixes in organic beans from all major coffee growing regions - Africa, South America, SE Asia, and Central America.

Globetrotter Organic Dark Roast

Named for Kara's dad, Merv, who loved coffee almost as much as wine. Merv was a Globetrotter and this coffee has a mix of organic dark roasted beans from all major coffee growing regions. Changing up occasionally, with seasonal availability, a typical mix includes beans from Ethiopia in Africa, Brazil for South America, Indonesia representing Southeast Asia, and Honduras for Central America.

Our espresso blend, it is also great brewed. Perfect for lattes or with cream & sugar. Dark, smoky-sweet, complex. Smooth and suave like Papa.

Note: Coffee ships the following Tuesday.

Never run out again! Put it on Autopilot and have coffee sent every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

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2 Pounder

The 2 Pounder delivers 900 grams of any Sparkplug Coffee blend and will keep 2 coffee lovers (or 1 serious coffee fiend) satiated for 3 to 4 weeks. The 2 Pounder is designed to make more than 100 great mugs of coffee. YMMV


The 750cc delivers 750ml of coffee - that's as close to 340 grams / 12 oz as we can squeeze into a Canada Post lettermail envelope. This size is designed to make 30 or more great mugs of coffees and last the average coffee drinker 2 weeks. YMMV

*YMMV*   Your Mileage May Vary depending on how you brew and the size of your mugs.