Seasonal Featured Blend | a new special coffee blend created every few weeks

We create a new roast and recipe every few weeks, sometimes single origin or a blend of beans from around the world. What's in season? Find out here!

Seasonal super custom coffee

Every few weeks, we create a new coffee to feature.

The seasonal coffee is not flavoured or decaffeinated and is always delicious. It could be a single-origin (from one country or even part of a small lot from one farm) or a blend of special beans from a couple places.

One thing is for sure, this coffee is only around for a few weeks so try it out while you can.

In season right now:


Sumatra SS

SS is for Super Special  

To create the Sumatra SS, we found a top grade, very delicious bean from Sumatra. These beans were handpicked to make sure only the perfectly ripe beans are taken. One of the reasons this coffee is Super Special is that these beans were Triple Picked - the beans were sorted through three times(!!!) by hand, not machine, to make sure every bean is a good one. Because of this extra work, the Sumatra SS is a consistent, rich coffee with no sharp notes. 

Roasted medium-dark... 

you'll find the Sumatra SS has an earthy, slightly spicy taste that is surprisingly smooth and rich. It'll stand up to some cream and sugar, if that's how you take your coffee, yet is also delicious black or with just a touch of dairy to sweeten it up. 

The Sumatra SS is here for spring 2017. Give it a try while you can! 

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