Deuce Coupe | super custom medium-dark roast coffee

Named for the famous hot rod, this two-bean beauty will take your day to the next level. Formerly known as our Fuss Studio Blend, this super custom, medium roast Latin American blend is styled for coffee lovers who love a rich and smooth brew.

Deuce Coupe Blend

medium-dark roast coffee

So delicious, they wrote a song about it.
A smooth, rich blend of 2 South American beans.


Deuce Coupe - the tastiest beans in town!

Well I’m not bragging so don’t put me down, but I’ve got the tastiest beans in town. Little deuce coupe, you don’t know what I got...
— apologies to the Beach Boys

Inspired by the famous hot rod, Deuce Coupe is a post roast coffee made up of two directly-traded South American beans.

"Post roast" means that the beans from different countries are roasted separately to bring out its distinctive characteristics. For our Deuce Coupe blend, one bean is roasted medium and the other medium-dark. We then custom blend each order just before sending it to you. 

Smooth and balanced, medium-dark roast, this blend makes a delicious cup of java and is excellent brewed.

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What the Fuss?
Fuss Studio Blend logo.png

Yes - our Fuss Studio Blend is now Deuce Coupe!

Fuss Hair Studio, the original inspiration for this blend, has changed names. It’s now Fox & Jane Toronto and still is our fave Toronto hair salon. With the salon’s makeover, our coffee also got a new name and image. But no fear, the recipe has not changed! It’s still as smooth, rich and delicious as ever.

Why Deuce Coupe?

Deuce Coupe is the nickname for a 1932 Ford that became an iconic car popular for hot rodding and racing. Our Deuce Coupe references the two beans and two countries we source from. And, like the 1932 Ford, this is an all-American classic coffee. South American, that is.

Recommended For:

  • Designed for automatic coffeemakers and any filter / drip method (including pourover, Aeropress and Chemex, of course!)

  • A great choice for sharing with others - this super premium Arabica coffee blend will please even the fussiest coffee drinkers.

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  • The Standard delivers 300 grams or about 30 great mugs of of coffee - it's as much as we can squeeze into a Canada Post lettermail envelope. The Standard typically keeps 1 coffee drinker happy for 2 weeks.

  • The Large delivers 900 grams of Sparkplug Coffee and makes about 100 mugs of coffee. The Large is designed to keep 2 coffee lovers (or 1 serious coffee fiend) going for 3 to 4 weeks.

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— Kara Isert, Founder & Chief Coffee Officer

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