Coffee Sampler

Taste drive our 3 signature blends & the current feature, too!


All of our coffees sound good? Not sure which to try? Try them all! Or at least, all 3 of our signature blends plus the current feature coffee.

The Sparkplug Coffee Sampler delivers a generous sized (200 g) sample bag of each of the:

  • Globetrotter dark & bold blend

  • Kick Start classic smooth & balanced blend

  • Road Trip zippy & modern blend

  • Special Feature blend - something new & delicious, only around for a few weeks.

Sparkplug Price:  

$39.50 - includes a bag each of 4 tasty coffees.

Taste drive the Sparkplug Coffee Sampler
All options include 200 g bags of our 3 signature coffee blends plus the current feature coffee for $39.50

Whole bean or ground?

Who is this for?

FREE delivery and no taxes.

Not sure what grind? Check out our handy-dandy grind chart! 

Each bag makes about 20 cups of coffee. *YMMV*


* YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary, depending how you brew and how big your mugs are.*

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