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Welcome to Coffee on Autopilot: a plan that’s a perfect fit for your tastes

Coffee on Autopilot

the best coffee. delivered. when you need.

A coffee home delivery subscription to fit your taste & schedule.

Better than a coffee of the month club, we roast, blend and send coffee out when YOU need.

Easy Steps To Put Your Coffee on Autopilot

1.  Choose Your Coffee

We created our coffee blends to fit a range of brewing methods and tastes. 

  • Espresso to Aeropress

  • Dark roast to light, full caffeine to delicious decaf

  • Coffee prices include delivery - delicious, fresh roasted coffee delivered to you for as little as 45¢ a cup!

2.  Customize Your Delivery

  • Pick the SIZE that fits how much you drink

    • Standard (300 g) and Large (900g) size bags.

  • Whole BEAN or GROUND for your coffeemaker. Whatever your preference, we can do it!

  • Tick the box to Subscribe & Save

  • Find the right FREQUENCY

    • every 2, 3, 4 or 6 weeks

  • Pay for your FIRST order (yup! it's pay-as-you-go. Easy & no commitment)

3.  Check your mailbox

  • Your first order will be on its way within a few days with Canada Post

  • Did we mention FREE standard shipping? the same price anywhere in Canada!

4.  relax & Enjoy a great coffee!

Coffee is roasted, custom blended and packed at the start of every week.

Pick a coffee blend that suits your taste. Get as much as you need, when you need, whole bean or ground, delivered to your door. What could be easier?   

We have a coffee for every taste and any brewing style.

  • dark or medium roast

  • great for espresso, French press, drip / filter or any other coffee maker

  • delicious decaf and half-caf, too

The Classics are our top sellers and best value, designed for classic coffee tastes.

The Super Customs are extra special coffees, for premium tastes.

Our Seasonal coffee is a limited edition with a new edition every few weeks. Sometimes a single-origin and other times a blend of special beans from around the world.

The Easy Riders are low and no caffeine choices.


What do our customers say?

All of our coffees are premium, ethically sourced, 100% Arabica beans. Our blends are created to suit different tastes and different brewing methods.


  • if your tastes are for medium roast, filter, drip, pourover, balanced smooth... you'll love


  • if you're a real coffee lover and prefer a lighter, more delicate, fruity, coffee taken black (pour over, Aeropress, Chemex, filter) go for