Rosemont School Calgary | Fundraiser Fall 2018

Support your school - and drink great coffee!

Support your school - and drink great coffee!


Rosemont School Fundraiser

Fall 2018 - Campaign is Completed

Thanks for your support of Rosemont School!

Keep Going!

Now that the big fundraising campaign is over, you can still buy Sparkplug Coffee and support Rosemont school.

Order any of our coffees and have them sent to your home (or office or friend or grandma - we deliver anywhere in Canada, same price for all).

Use the code: ROSEMONT5 in the Gift Code or Discount box and you’ll save $1 AND we’ll donate 5% of your purchase to Rosemont School. A good deal for everyone!

Our Coffees

Love the coffee you bought through the fundraiser and want more? Here are the Sparkplug names for the specially labelled Rosemont coffees:

Red Fox = Fuss Studio medium roast blend

Red Fox is a classic blend of South & Central American coffees. It’s also known as our Fuss Studio Blend. Smooth and balanced, medium-dark roast, this blend makes a delicious cup of java.

it’s Dark In The Den = Globetrotter Organic Espresso

If you love a dark, strong, bold coffee then It’s Dark In The Den is for you! Also known as our Globetrotter coffee, this is an espresso-style blend of all-organic beans from all corners of the globe. Whatever you call it, this coffee is dark, smoky-sweet, complex. Smooth and suave, never bitter.

Rosie Day Decaf = Unleaded Decaffeinated Dark Roast Blend

Rosie Day Decaf is also known as our Unleaded - beans from around the globe, roasted a little darker than usual for decaf, blended to create a delicious, full-flavoured coffee. Great brewed, amazing as espresso.  Chocolatey with a rich body and clean finish. You'll never guess it's decaf!

Don’t forget!

EVERY order, use the code:


You’ll save $1 and we’ll donate 5% of your coffee purchase to Rosemont School.

Yes, you can put your order on Autopilot, our personalized, pay-as-you-go, easy-peasy, super convenient coffee subscription and keep donating to Rosemont School.

Thank you for Supporting Rosemont School… & for drinking great coffee!