the best espresso I have ever put in my mouth

There are two factions in the office – those who love the darker roast (I swear that the Bullitt Custom Dark was the best espresso I have ever put in my mouth – I was literally chasing people around with espresso cups yelling TRY THIS IT’S SO GOOD) and those who find the dark roast way too intense, and who prefer the Kick Start or Road Trip. No accounting for taste.

Sparkplug was still the preference over other local beans – I did a weekly bean with both yours and [another], and asked for feedback.

Could we order another two big bags – I think just two will suffice us for now 😊 and we can alternate between the best stuff and the IT’S FINE I GUESS IF YOU LIKE THAT WEAKSAUCE stuff. :P
— Vanessa at Flexiti Financial




Bullit Custom Dark (Vanessa's fave, in case you couldn't guess)

Kick Start and Road Trip - medium roast options for those who like "that weaksauce stuff" ;-)

Unleaded Decaf - also loved by some of the Flexiti Financial team