Great coffee and shipping is very cost-effective!

I bought the coffee for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it! Hell be a regular customer for sure. It also helps SO MUCH that shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg since we live in Nunavut. Thanks!

— Jennica from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Delicious coffee delivered fast and easy.

The Uhuru Peak limited edition coffee I ordered had a very nice taste. It wasn’t too rich or bold especially the after taste. Ground and used it in our percolator. It was delivered fast and no hassles. Thank you so much!

… Wendy from Red Rock, Ontario

No need for takeout coffee

No need for takeout coffee

Sparkplug at the office means never needing to stop for takeout coffee on the way to work.

... Nicole, Customer Service Specialist with L’Moor and Moorspa

Best coffee hands down!

Best coffee hands down!

"Best coffee hands down! I’ve got Road Trip blend on autopilot."
- Natalie of Haversack Leather

the best espresso I have ever put in my mouth

the best espresso I have ever put in my mouth

Sparkplug was the preference over other local beans – I did a weekly bean with both yours and another, and asked for feedback. I swear that the Bullitt Custom Dark was the best espresso I have ever put in my mouth – I was literally chasing people around with espresso cups yelling TRY THIS IT’S SO GOOD!

... Vanessa & Flexiti Financial

Everything I ordered plus way more!

Everything I ordered plus way more!

Its always so exciting to receive a package from you.  The coffee and filters I ordered plus way more! Can't wait to try the chicory with Da Bomb. (seasonal coffee from India). Your postcards are always great too - I never throw them out.  My wife will steal the Rockets and the sticker will go on some motorcycle.

… Geoff Collins

Love the Unleaded Decaf

Love the Unleaded Decaf

Just received my "Unleaded" Coffee beans (Decaf ) in the mail today. Yum, they smell so good. I get it delivered monthly and look forward to having that great cup of coffee first thing every morning!

... Moira in B.C.

Bewitched is by far my favourite!!!

Bewitched coffee is by far my most favourite!!! Can u send it to me again???

...Janet in Aurora, Ontario gets the seasonal coffee on Autopilot. Something new every few weeks!

The Globetrotter blend is amazing!

The Globetrotter blend is amazing! It's a dark roast, with rich flavour. We love that the coffee is delivered to our door. We also love the notes that come with the delivery and personalization of the product.

... Theresa & Greg in Guelph

We need more coffee!

Strange enough, we are going to run out of Unleaded Decaf coffee by mid week. I love it so much that I've been grinding 3 to 4 cups a day + my sister was here and she also fell in love with it. If possible I'd like another 2lbs

...Daniel in Corktown T.O.