How it Works | Get Sparkplug Coffee for your coffeemaker


Fresh  roasted coffee delivered to your door.

Sparkplug Coffees are made from premium Arabica beans sourced through direct and fairly traded methods. Roasted every week in Toronto, each order is custom built to your specifications. For the Freshest taste, drink up within 6-8 weeks of receiving a Sparkplug Coffee order.

Taste  the difference fresh-roasted makes!

Put it on Autopilot &
never run out of fresh coffee again

  • We ship every week! Order now and it'll be on its way to you in a few days. 
  • Try one of our blends out, or put it on Autopilot & sign up for regular coffee delivery.
  • Change the frequency, pause or cancel anytime – no hassle.  
  • Our affordable coffee prices include taxes & shipping anywhere in Canada. 

Our Sizes: 

Standard  300g

The Standard delivers 300 grams of any Sparkplug Coffee blend. Designed to make about 30 delicious mugs of coffees and last the average coffee drinker 2 weeks. YMMV

Large  900g

The Large delivers 900 grams of Sparkplug Coffee. Making around 100 cups of awesome coffee, it typically keeps 2 coffee lovers (or 1 serious coffee fiend) satiated for 3 to 4 weeks. YMMV

*YMMV* Your Mileage May Vary
depending on how you brew and the size of your mugs

Amazing coffee, delivered to your door, whenever you want it, starting at less than 50¢ per cup including any taxes & shipping anywhere in Canada.
What a deal! 

  • One time 
  • Or put it on Autopilot 
    • Every 2 weeks
    • Every 3 weeks
    • Every 4 weeks

We ship via Canada Post to any address in Canada from coast to coast to coast. 


  • Shipping INCLUDED in the coffee prices
  • FREE Shipping for merchandise orders of $75 or more

Whole Bean or Ground?
Grind Options:

The freshest taste comes when you grind just before brewing. But that’s not always possible and we understand. So when you place your order, let us know if you want your coffee ground and for what kind of coffeemaker. From French press to espresso grind, we can do it! Look up the right grind for your coffeemaker in our handy Coffee Grind table.

  • Whole bean
  • French press
  • Percolator
  • Flat-bottom filter
  • Cone filter
  • Espresso or moka pot

Our Quality Promise:

We absolutely want you to be happy with your Sparkplug Coffee. If you don't love one of our coffee blends, let us know within 30 days of its ship date and we will replace it with another coffee. Contact us by email or our toll-free number and we'll work something out.