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Spark-tacular Kitchen Towels

Our fun and practical towels will spiff up your kitchen or bar.

Our fun and practical towels will spiff up your kitchen or bar.


Sparkplug Coffee & Kitchen & Shop Towels

Tea towels, kitchen towels, shop towels, bar mops, bar rags… why aren’t they called coffee towels?

Whatever you call them, a towel can be both useful and stylish. In fact, we think our towels are downright sexy.

Both Sparkplug towels are 100% cotton. Designed and screen-printed in Toronto you have a choice of:

  • KITCHEN TOWEL with Sparkplug scooter gal design & Kick Start logo

  • BAR TOWEL with Sparkplug scooter gal design

Kitchen Towel / Tea Towel

This flour sack tea towel (kitchen towel for you Americans) is designed to show off one of its prints when hung on a towel rack. We love flour sack towels because they are so awesome for cleaning up around the kitchen, especially drying glassware.

  • black print on white 100% flour sack cotton cloth

  • approximately 70 x 70 cm (27 x 28 inches)

  • flour sack - lint-free, durable, very absorbent and fast drying

  • screen-printed with 2 designs - Kick Start Your Day & Sparkplug Coffee scooter gal

  • easy care: machine wash and tumble dry

Sparkplug Price: $15.95 INCLUDING Standard Shipping

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Bar Towel

If you’re a gearhead, you’ll look at our smaller towel and think it’s the perfect size and material to be a shop towel. But we think it’s too nice to use for greasy garage work. Keep it for your bar or kitchen or coffee station, instead.

  • black print on white 100% terry cloth (looped) cotton

  • approximately 45 x 37 cm (17.5 x 14.5 inches)

  • terry cloth design fabric is great for wiping up spills and

  • screen-printed with our Sparkplug scooter gal design

  • easy care: machine wash & tumble dry

Sparkplug Price: $12.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING

Who is this for?

Our Quality Promise

I absolutely want you to be happy with your Sparkplug Coffee purchase. If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we will replace it (if that’s your preference) or send you your money back. It’s my promise to you.
— Kara, Sparkplug Founder & Chief Coffee Officer