Tea Towels

Spark-tacular Sparkplug Coffee tea towels!



Lovely tea towels for your kitchen

Lovely tea towels for your kitchen

Tea towels, kitchen towels, why aren't they called coffee towels?

Whatever you call them, ours come in pairs so you get one of each design - our scooter gal logo and our Sparkplug Coffee name. Generously sized, each measures 18" by 28" / 45.5 x 71 cm.

Sparkplug Coffee towels are 100% cotton - sweet and practical. Each set has one of each Sparkplug Coffee design printed onto your choice of quality cotton prints - blue plaid, blue stripes or cappuccino-coloured stripes. Or is that brown stripe more cafe au lait? Let's go with that. (Red plaid is sold out - sorry!)

As with other cotton towels, the recommended care is to machine wash and tumble dry on low heat. No bleach and don't mix your darks with lights.

Sparkplug Price:  

$18 per pair - 1 of each design

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