Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Known as a coffee dripper, filter holder, cone or pour over coffeemaker. Whatever you call it, this porcelain coffee maker is a fast, easy, low-tech way to brew a great cup of coffee!

Sparkplug Coffee’s German-made porcelain pour over coffee maker uses standard filters. You have a choice of #2 (one cup) or #4 (two cup) sizes.

Either way, you get a great coffee in a minute  or two - just set it on top of your mug or carafe and pour hot water over fresh roasted, ground Sparkplug Coffee. Awesome Sparkplug Coffee mug sold separately.

Order a pour over coffee maker on its own or pair it with reusable organic cotton filters. Buy them together and save a couple dollars on the bundled price. Never run out of filters and no plastic, metal or other hard-to-recycle pieces involved. Easy to use, easy to cleanup, no need to buy more filters for a couple of years. Just add fresh roasted Sparkplug Coffee for a great tasting coffee one cup at a time!

Note! Mugs not included! Get your Sparkplug Coffee mug here and the reusable organic cotton filters can be purchased separately here

Sparkplug Price:  

$48.95 for a pour over coffee maker INCLUDING a 200g bag of Sparkplug Coffee plus FREE basic shipping anywhere in Canada.

Add a reusable organic cotton filter for just $10 more.

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