Organic Cotton Coffee Filters from CoffeeSock

We love these reusable organic cotton filters from CoffeeSock. A great alternative to paper filters, the organic cotton makes for a better tasting coffee and no extra waste. Cleanup is quick and easy - empty filter of grounds (makes a great compost or add straight to your garden), rinse and hang to dry.

A small upfront investment saves money compared to buying paper filters. And when it is worn out - after a year or more of regular use - there are no metal, plastic or other difficult-to-recycle bits to deal with.

Made in Texas, the CoffeeSock people promise that coffee brewed with CoffeeSock organic cotton coffee filters is rich in aromatic oils, smooth, with balanced acids. No unpleasant bitterness or bad attitude - especially when used with fresh roasted Sparkplug Coffee. 

Available in packs of 2 filters to fit:

  • #2 cone filter holders  
  • #4 cone filter holders
  • #6 cone filter holders

Sparkplug Price:  $17.50 for a pack of 2

including FREE STANDARD SHIPPING anywhere in Canada.

Note: We are SOLD OUT of basket / flat-bottomed filters for automatic coffeemakers. Let us know if you'd like to be informed when we have them back in stock. 

Check out the Cold Brew Filter here & contact us if you're looking for a size or shape you don't see listed.